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How many bedclothes?

Small babies cannot yet control their own temperature, so it's important to prevent them getting either too hot or too cold. Overheating is known to be a factor in cot death. (See Sleeping safely/cot death)

When putting your baby to bed remember the following points:

• If the room is warm enough for you to wear light clothing, then it's the right temperature (about 18˚C or 64˚F).

• If the room feels hot, keep your baby's clothes or bed covering light.

• At night give your baby one more light layer of clothing (or bedding) than you're wearing. So if you're in a T-shirt and jumper, dress your baby in a vest, stretchsuit and cardigan - or put three layers on the bed.

• A folded blanket equals two layers.

• Don't use duvets or quilts until your baby is a year old as these get too hot - use cotton cellular blankets that can easily be added on or taken off.

• Keep your baby's head uncovered (unless it's very cold) because he or she will need to lose heat from their head and face.

• Never use a hot-water bottle or electric blanket, or put the cot against a radiator. Babies have very delicate skin and can be easily scaled.

• Ill or feverish babies don't need extra bedding - in fact, they need less.

• Keep the bedding and mattress clean, dry and well aired.

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