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There's no denying that looking after a baby is a messy business. You may feel you get nothing done all day except feed your baby and keep his or her bottom clean!

You've probably realised that the secret to keeping on top of things is organisation: getting a system for storing nappies, clothes and other supplies and having everything to hand for when it's bathtime.

Other parents suggest: -

• Keeping a 'nappy changing station' on every floor in the house so that you don't have to run up and down the stairs.

• Topping up your baby-changing bag and hanging it by the front door so you're always ready to go.

• Putting soiled babywear straight into a soaking bucket containing a weak solution of detergent, before washing - keep it away from toddlers.

• Buying some 'muslin squares' - softer and stronger than paper kitchen towels. You can use them for mopping up regurgitated milk, for example. You van then chuck them straight into your soaking bucket.

Your home will probably look like a warehouse for baby equipment for a while. Gradually, though, you will get a routine going and will be able to restore something like normality to your living environment.

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