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How your baby develops

This is where the fun really starts. Your big baby is now becoming a person in their own right. They are ready to express what they want and to try to do something about it. With their body more under his or her control, your baby can now attempt to get things done - concentrate for longer, stick with an activity for a few seconds more, learn about the things going on around them.

In the second six months of life, your baby becomes more recognisably a small human being - moving towards standing and walking on two legs, talking and manipulating objects. You will need to start childproofing your home as it will suddenly become a potential minefield! You also need to start setting limits by making it clear what's allowed and what isn't, as your baby tries out their new powers.

Although increasingly more social, your baby still has a great need of their mother or main carer. You will become the secure base from which he or she can make their first attempts to explore the world. If your baby is certain that you will always be 'there', they will be able to explore with confidence and gradually grow more independent.

If you have any concerns about the way your baby is developing, talk it over with your health visitor. She would be very happy to meet your baby.

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