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Your pregnancy is now established and your baby is well formed. Congratulations! From now on, sickness should lessen, energy levels should increase, and you may even start to glow.

However, if you have twins on the way you may still feel quite tired. It's said that if you’re expecting two or more babies, at 14 weeks you may be about the size of a woman who’s 20 weeks pregnant. It’s said twin pregnancy runs about six weeks ahead of a single one.


If a blood test shows that you're lacking in iron you may be advised to increase your iron intake throughout your diet by eating dark green leafy vegetables, drinking prune juice or eating meat, wholegrain cereals and pulses.

Your doctor may also recommend that you take iron tablets. There are also natural supplements available. If you find they cause stomach pains or constipation, ask for a different prescription - you can get vegetable rather than mineral-based iron supplements which are not associated with constipation.


Your skin may well change while you're pregnant. You might find that it becomes less dry or less oily, or that you get fewer spots, or the opposite could happen. Extra fluid in your face may smooth out any wrinkles, but it may also make you look a bit chubby.

Quite early on, you will notice that the area around your nipples is darker and a brown line appears down the centre of your abdomen. You may get brown patches on your face too, especially if you're in the sun. All these colour changes go away or fade after the baby is born.

Stretch marks, may appear on your bump and your breasts from about three or four months. There’s no evidence that these can be prevented. They fade after the baby is born but never disappear.

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