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The rest of your life

Though being pregnant is such a special time, oursociety doesn't acknowledge it in many ways, and life doesn't come to astandstill for nine months to enable you to focus exclusively onpreparing for your baby's birth.

While looking after your baby and yourself may be your top priority,work, family, partner and friends all have a claim on your time andyour emotions. Juggling them can be hard work. How can you handle yourwork commitments if you're feeling below par? How can you keep yourrelationship with your partner strong through all these changes? Andwhere can you both find out more about pregnancy and birth so you'refully prepared for what's ahead?

And then there are the practicalities of your changing shape andstatus to be accommodated; what can you wear? how will you balance yourfinances once you're on maternity leave? and what are your rights - totime off work for ante-natal visits, maternity pay and a job afterward?

The NCT is here to help you find solutions to all these issues. Atyour local branch you'll find a resource of friendship, support andpractical information to steer you through the many changes thatpregnancy brings. For we understand that it's not just your body thatchanges over nine months; the rest of your life is evolving too. Clickabove for details of your local branch, and how to become a member.

Don't forget we also have a range of useful publications on topics including work and relationship issues. Click above to order.

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