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Your new baby

For many parents, the first time that they see, or certainly hold, a newborn baby is when their own first baby is born.

Many first-time parents really don't know what to expect in terms of what their baby will be like, what he or she will do, or how to handle them. It can be very daunting.

Being a parent is one of those skills that can only be learned through practice and in the early days you will certainly get lots of opportunity. Although at first you may feel all fingers and thumbs, you will, very quickly, become an expert. Through looking after your baby and interacting with them you will soon get to know, and learn to recognise, what they need and want. Although the early days - and they are just that: 'early days' - can seem chaotic and overwhelming, they can also be joyful and rewarding. Remember, however hard these days may sometimes feel they will pass.

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