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Bringing up a 'green' baby

Environmental concerns can seem magnified when you have a baby and start to consider how the planet's resources can best be safeguarded for your child's future. There are a variety of ways in which you can cut back on environmental stressors while still doing the best for your baby. Here are some points you might like to consider:

• Consider what you'll need for your baby. Rather than buying every product for every situation, you can save money and resources by doubling up usage of some things (buying only white baby vests for example, so you can use them for both boys and girls) or using secondhand equipment (NCT Nearly New Sales are a good source if you can't beg or borrow from friends: see the list on our home page for what's going on near you).

• When you've just given birth, using disposable maternity briefs may be convenient but they're wasteful and the cost soon mounts up. NCT maternity sales (click on 'shop' above) makes stretch briefs that can be washed and dried again and again.

• Don't forget that breastmilk is the most green food for your baby. It's free, sterile, comes in environmentally friendly packaging - just what nature intended!• NCT also sells washable breast pads - all you'll need for the price of just a week's supply of the disposable kind - that's an ecologically sound bargain many parents are concerned about the health issues as well as the environmental issues around disposable nappies. Reusable cloth nappies can be just as efficient, kinder to the environment and save hundreds of pounds, especially if you used for more than one child. NCT Maternity sales sells 'Yummy' nappies, pure cotton nappy which are simple to use and long lasting

• Once your baby starts on solids, organic food may be on the menu - and is it's much cheaper and less wasteful in packaging to cook and puree your own early baby foods. NCT sells lizzie vann's organic baby and toddler cookbook' - click on the shop button above.

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