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Is my baby too hot or cold?

Your baby’s hands and feet aren’t a good guide to their temperature. They may feel cold to the touch — and in the very early days may even look blue — even though they are warm enough.

The best way to check if they are too hot or cold is by testing your baby's ‘core temperature’ by placing your hand flat on the skin of their chest or back. If they feel neither hot, nor cold, nor clammy, but just warm, they are fine.

Too hot

A baby who is too hot will feel sweaty or clammy and may have a heat rash, especially around their neck. They may look red in the face and may cry. Removing a layer of bedding or clothing will help them cool down.

Too cold

A baby who’s too cold may shiver and cry. However, a baby who has become very cold will be very still because they will be trying to conserve energy to keep warm. If your baby is too cold, add a layer of clothing or bedding, or hold them next to your body to warm him or her up.

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