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Pacing yourself

Being a new mum is exhausting! Here are some women's recollections about how the birth affected them, physically and emotionally:

"I was longing to leave hospital, although the nurses suggested I'd be better off staying in as long as possible. After two days I went home and had asked the whole family to be there on that day. But just bringing Jack home in the car was stressful and exhausting enough. When I got through our front door I was so relieved and emotional and exhausted that I went straight upstairs to sleep, leaving them to celebrate without me, which made me feel miserable and inadequate! With hindsight, I'd definitely leave it a few days before inviting everyone over." Liz

"I had a tendency to think that I still had the same energy levels that I had previously. I got frustrated with myself when I couldn't match my aspirations of what was achievable. Now I know that I was really doing well if I had a shower and got into my clothes every day." Helen

"The first time I went for a walk outside on my own with Theo in his pram, the 'outside world' suddenly seemed very noisy and I felt very vulnerable. Walking up the hill to our house I felt as though my insides were collapsing! It was only a week after he'd been born. Although it's good to get out and get some exercise, I think I should have left pushing the pram up a hill until later." Kerry

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