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Antenatal classes

The NCT encourages both parents to attend antenatal classes because we believe that you both have an important part to play in the pregnancy, the birth and the early days with your new baby.

NCT classes are generally held during out-of-work hours so you can both attend. Many dads-to-be who attend find that the classes are practically the only place they get to talk through what they're experiencing with others in the same situation.

The content of NCT classes varies dependent on the needs of the group, but the topics covered include:

• Pregnancy - and how to deal with it.
• The birth and what to expect.
• Techniques to help with labour.
• Breastfeeding.
• Becoming a parent.
• Early days with your new baby.

To find out the classes available in your area, click above or on the home page.

Right for you

NCT's trained antenatal teachers take the approach that the group should set the pace of the sessions. They are trained to be acilitators, so you won't be put under the spotlight if it's not to your style.

Here's what some parents have to say about their experience of NCT classes:

"Compared with NHS classes, it was great to have the opportunity to really follow-up on the areas that interested us as a group of people. There was plenty of time and we felt the NCT teacher was really on our side."
Philip, dad to Charlie, one year

"I only went to NCT classes because Sinead wanted me too. I didn't want to bare my soul or 'share with the group'! But the teacher was a laugh and the things covered were really useful; you didn't have to say anything if you didn't want to. For me the best bit was when the men all went to the pub with an 'experienced dad' to find out what we were in for. We still all meet up for a baby-and partner-free beer when we get a chance."
Andy, dad to Sorcha, eight months

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