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If you're close to your mother, she may be a good choice of birth partner. Your mum also has the advantage of having experienced labour herself, although things may have changed a bit since you were born.

However, mother/daughter relationships being what they are, you may feel that your mother is the last person you want with you when you give birth. Looking back, most grandmothers who supported their daughters through labour wouldn't have missed it for anything:

'With my first grandchild, I was there at the birth and helped deliver him. It was thrilling. A firm bond was there, right from the start.' Jo Adams, new grandmother

Some women might prefer to ask a friend, someone they can really trust.

'I wanted to give Linda emotional support, but I wasn't quite sure how to do it. I think she was grateful for me being there. We held hands.' Sue, who supported her friend Linda through an emergency caesarean.

Your sister or a friend may be a good supporter because she can relate to you and understand your needs, especially if she's also a mother. However, preparation is vital if your birth partner is to feel confident being with you. That confidence will help you through the birth too.

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