safe motherhood



Many people will share your joy in your baby. Flowers and cards arrive, photographs are taken and champagne drunk. You may find this difficult as the intimacy of pregnancy is shattered. It may seem that the baby conceived in love between you and your partner belongs not just to you now but to a whole clan. People you may not even like lay claim to the baby's looks and perceived personality!

Lots of people may want to visit you when you are still recovering, physically and emotionally, from the birth. Be firm if you really feel unable to cope with visitors. As well as not feeling up to greeting them, you may just want to enjoy this precious time alone with your baby or with your partner.

You may also be aware that some people are sad or envious because of their own circumstances. Rather than avoiding them you might find that they are glad to be included in some way or just invited to hold your baby for a little while.

On the other hand, some friends or relatives that you might expect to want to hold your baby, might not be keen to do so. Just remember that people have many reasons why they don't want to be, or can't be, involved with a baby. There will be many stages in your baby's life and different people will be interested in the child at different points in his or her development.

A new baby brings up deep feelings in people, and signals a change from what went before. This will be true for your friends and wider family, just as much for any other children you may have. People may need to go through a time of transition to recognise that you now have different priorities and that their relationship with you will now change.