safe motherhood



It's hard to imagine beforehand how you will feel when your baby is born. Mothers experience many emotions after giving birth, some of them unexpected:

'I was exhausted, but I had a tremendous feeling of achievement!'

'I wasn't interested in the baby and just wanted - more strongly than I've ever wanted anything - to be left alone.'

'I certainly didn't feel an overwhelming sense of love for him.'

'I knew I would do anything for her for the rest of my life.'

Some women fall instantly in love with their babies. Others grow to love them over a period of days or months. You may have to let go of the fantasy baby of your pregnancy and adjust to the real baby in your arms.

Feelings after a caesarian

You may simply feel relieved that you have your baby safely in your arms. You might feel that next time you definitely don't want a caesarian! Some mothers feel disappointed they didn't have a 'normal' birth and feel in some way less of a woman or mother.

• Ask your midwife to explain why you needed a caesarian and whether you will be able to have a normal delivery another time.
• Talk to other women who have had caesarians and compare notes.
• Contact the Caesarian Support Network on 01624 661269.