safe motherhood



Some experiences of the second stage from other mothers:

'The pushing stage lasted longer than it seemed at the time: nearly three hours. Towards the end I was starting to feel very frustrated as the baby's head kept appearing and then disappearing completely... The midwives were about to ask me to stand up out of the water when I decided I had had enough; I gave one almighty push and out shot Ella.'
Sarah, first baby, water birth at home.

'The second stage only took about 20 minutes... It was incredibly painful not to push and I was getting two or three pushes per contraction... Then, with a push and a slither, the baby was born. Stuart said, 'It's a boy' and Sharon passed him to me between my legs...'
Lisa, second son born in hospital.

'The second stage lasted just three minutes and as the midwife talked me through the process, I vividly remember feeling every part of Abigail's face being born, in great detail. I felt her head crown, followed by her nose, chin and then the rest of her body followed very quickly.'
Sarah, second baby, born at home.


'After a very gentle, calm, second stage, Sophie was born at 5.10am to candle and firelight with me on all fours...'
Tikki, third baby, born at home.

'It was an extraordinary moment, holding my baby safely in my arms but knowing I had to do it again... The second bag of waters broke spontaneously and I felt the baby coming. In spite of my vocal protests there was nothing I could do to prevent my daughter being born in two reluctant but much easier pushes, 17 minutes after her brother.'
Debbie, who gave birth to twins in a hospital birthing pool.