safe motherhood



• Fit a cooker guard and turn pan handles towards the back, so your toddler can't grab them, or position a stairgate in the kitchen doorway.
• Put protectors on the corners of low tables.
• Fit safety glass, or buy special film from a DIY shop to cover glass doors/windows.
• Put safety catches on doors to stop fingers getting crushed. (Remember the hinge side can also catch fingers).
• Arrange furniture so it can't be climbed on.
• See that free-standing cupboards or bookshelves can't topple.
• Don't store toys where a child might climb to reach them.
• Don't leave objects lying around on stairs.
• Rule out running in socks on polished floors.
• Fasten down any any loose flooring.
• Ensure your child can't open the front door.
• Make sure doors can't be locked from the inside, or move locks up, out of reach.
• Keep hot water temperature at less than 54˚C (130˚F), or less to avoid scalds.
• Fit safety catches on windows.
• Lock garden sheds.
• Cover water butts.
• Cover ponds or fence them off - better still, fill them in for a year or two. Toddlers can easily drown in ponds, and they do.
• Make sure there are no escape routes from the garden, including holes in hedges. Fit safety catches to gates.
• Teach your child not to eat garden berries.
• Keep a first aid kit handy and know what to do in an emergency.

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