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What happens at a visit

Your first antenatal appointment, or booking visit, is often between 11 and 13 weeks in to your pregnancy. You may be asked to go to a hospital clinic, your GP's surgery, or your midwife may visit you at home. At the clinic or surgery you may be seen by a doctor as well as by a midwife.

What's involved

Your midwife will ask, for example, about state of health, whether you smoke or drink, your medical history, and your immediate family's medical history. She'll also ask about any previous pregnancies.

Doing checks

Your blood pressure will be checked. You may also be weighed and your height measured. Your heart and lungs may also be examined.

Blood tests

You'll be asked to give a blood sample to find out whether you are Rhesus positive or negative. You will also have your iron levels checked to discover if you're immune to rubella.Your blood may be tested for certain infections and you'll be offered a HIV test.

Urine tests

You'll be asked to give a urine sample to find out your sugar levels, if there's any protein in your urine or if you have a urinary infection.

Feeling your abdomen

The midwife or doctor may ask to feel your stomach in order to get an idea of the size of your uterus. They may, very occasionally, ask to do an internal examination.

You'll be given your pregnancy notes when your test results are back - unless you've been given them earlier.

You may be offered a scan (see Your Pregnancy - 14-28 weeks/your scan)