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Tiredness, which can be so extreme that you feel as if you've been drugged, is a tell-tale early symptom of pregnancy. And it's worse if you're expecting twins or triplets. Your body is working very hard to support your developing baby so it's not surprising that you should feel weary. Pregnancy hormones make you relaxed and sleepy too. The solution is to rest as much as you can. Don't stand when you can sit, and don't sit if you can put your feet up.

"Some days I felt really lousy and I didn't want to tell anyone at work why. A couple of times I was so tired I just had to close my office door, put my calls on hold and put my head down for a nap."

Kate, at nine weeks pregnant.

It may be wise to tell your employer the situation and see whether you could reduce your working hours for a while, until the first few weeks of pregnancy have passed. With luck, this stage won't last. Many women feel a great boost of energy during the second trimester.