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Although you may feel physically tired and uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy, in the final days, you might also find that you have a sudden burst of energy, and want to clean the house from top to bottom and weed the garden. This is all to do with 'nesting' and making sure that your home is ready for your baby.

Make the most of the last few days before your baby arrives by going out with your partner - to the cinema, or to visit friends, or just for a walk. Enjoy every day that you go past your 'due date' as an extra day when you don't have to feed or nappy change your baby because that's all being taken care of, thank you!

No matter how energetic you feel, though, make sure you find some time to relax too - so that you have plenty of energy for labour. A long warm bath will help you to relax, or get your partner to give you a relaxing massage.

Eating little and often will also help to keep your energy levels up, though try and avoid anything too fatty or heavy.

If you're planning to have your baby in hospital, make sure that you have your bag packed, or, if you're having a home birth, that you have everything you need ready. If you want to take some special things into hospital with you in order to make the environment there more personal, sort them out.

It's a good idea to be a little vague about your due date to friends and relatives - then they won't be continually calling up to check on you!